2023 GLHA Nominations form (Greater London Hockey Association)

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  1. Roles for Nomination for GLHA
    GLHA President: 
    The position of G.L.H.A. President shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The G.L.H.A. President shall perform duties as may, from time to time, to be determined by the board. To be eligible for election to the position of GLHA President, a candidate must. For corporate purposes only they will be President of the G.L.H.A.  The elected individual may not serve on another member partner board and be considered for the role of President of the GLHA.  If an individual is elected for this position. An alternative will have to be elected to serve in their position at the affiliated association, or the position will have to be filled by another candidate. We are opening the Nominations to any Past president of the GLHA Associations North London, Oakridge, West London and London Bandits.  Nominations will be reviewed by the 4 Presidents and discussed at the next meeting August 18th 2022.) 
    ( Filled for the current year)
    The position of Secretary shall be filled annually by appointment of the board at their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting. This positions duties shall include, but not be limited to, recording and maintaining corporate records, keeping Board correspondence and minutes, filing required information with the government and such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Board

     The position of the Treasurer shall be filled annually by appointment of the Board at their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting. This position’s duties shall include but not be limited to, overseeing, analyzing and reporting on the financial records of the G.L.H.A. Budgeting, presenting a financial report at the Annual General Meeting and such other duties as might be assigned from time to time by the Board.

    Technical Director:   Open for the 2022-2023 season   

    Under the direction of the GLHA President , the Technical Director will be responsible for all aspects of player and coach development for GLHA hockey. The Technical Director will liaise with the GLHA President and members of each of the associations within the GLHA to ensure all affairs are conducted in a professional manner.


    • Design and develop an on/off ice development program for GLHA Hockey (Player and Coach) that aligns to Hockey Canada guidelines 

    • Development and support of coaches, with an objective to secure their continued involvement and improvement within the GLHA

    • Identify GLHA Coaching needs to assist coaches attaining their National Coaching Certification Program credentials

    • Co-ordinate coaching clinics including facilities, scheduling, registration, invoicing and other related duties in conjunction with the Development Co-ordinator – Coaching for Alliance Hockey

    • Attend clinics and seminars in support of coach development activities

    • Attend relevant GLHA Hockey Meetings as directed by the Chairperson

    • Provide support to the GLHA Chair as required and make recommendations to the Executive for improvement

    • Recruiting, managing, mentoring, and motivating coaches and volunteers for all levels of play

    • Define the coach mentorship accountabilities within the Technical Director role

    • Provide coach mentorship support for Junior Mustangs and extended support as required to Bandits, North, Oakridge and West London organizations

    • Develop processes and procedures to aid the transition to future Technical Director incumbents 

    Qualifications and Experience: The Technical Director shall possess the following: 

    • Strong knowledge of Hockey, its development programs and delivery structure will be considered an asset

    • Possess strong computer skills including a working knowledge of MS Office

    • Strong project coordination and excellent organizational skills

    • Ability to monitor and follow-up on correspondence as well as time sensitive projects requiring response or future actions

    • Proven written and verbal communication skills 

    • Ability to work in a team environment with volunteers 

    • Available to visit arena’s and meet with coaches within the London area and work flexible hours, including weekends, if required 

    • NCCP development program training an asset

    • Experience as a player or coach is an asset

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