Terms of Reference (Greater London Hockey Association)


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Community Hockey League Management Committee 



The Community Hockey League (CHL) Management Committee is a sub-committee of each GLHA Association.  



The CHL Management Committee’s purpose is to manage the day-to-day operations of the CHL program. The Committee is also responsible for League structure, and ensuring the training requirements are met. The Committee is also responsible for their respective team’s management which would include all team manuals, financial, travel, disciplinary, complaints or maters of concern.  



The CHL Management Committee has the authority to decide on day-to-day operations. However they would make recommendations to the Presidents of each Association on any long-term decisions and structure. 



House League; Equal representation from all four Associations; one representative from each Association with an alternate. Select; Equal representation from all four Associations; one representative from each Association. The Presidents of each Association will determine the Chair of the Committee which should be as neutral as possible.  Presidents of each Association will serve on the Committee in an ex officio manner and be present when required. Each Association will have one vote and the chair will only vote in the event of a tie.  Within the Committee there will be the following roles; Chair, Secretary and League Commissioner.  All financial transactions will be put through the Treasurer of the GLHA.  


Conflict of Interest 

Members having a conflict of interest in any matter under consideration by the Committee shall declare the conflict of interest at the beginning of the meeting and shall not discuss or vote on the matter. 


Meeting arrangements 

Meeting will be held on a monthly basis, quorum will be 50% of members plus one.  Agenda will be sent out at least two days prior to a meeting and minutes taken by the Secretary.  Agenda and minutes will be distributed via email, and available online (if possible).  Select Reps will meet separately and provide a designate to attend CHL Management Committee meeting to provide an update. 



The CHL Management Committee reports to the GLHA. 



The CHL Management Committee Chair files a monthly report to the four Associations and to the GLHA Executive Board.  In addition an annual report which shall among other things; a) summarize the activities and achievements of the previous year b) describe ongoing activities and issues and identify new priorities/concerns, and c) outline the Committee's primary projects for the upcoming year, including all anticipated budgetary needs. 


Amendments & Review 

Amendments to the Terms of Reference can only be made by the GLHA Executive Board.  The Terms of Reference will be reviewed on a bi-annual basis. 



Rev. 7/2018