RETURN TO PLAY FAQ (Greater London Hockey Association)



1. What Protection will be supplied for the players and Parents? 

Answer:  Players wills be put into cohorts and bubbles per say, there will be limits on the amount of people in the facilities according to Middlesex London  Health Unit stage we are at.  Hand Sanitizer will be at rinks, player will need to wear masks, there will be no handshakes etc.  All players and Parents must go through contact tracing every time they enter in the rink. 

2. Do Parents get to see their kids play? 

Answer: There are no Spectators according to the city guidelines  this has now been altered to Oct 19th we will be allowed one spectator. 
3. Will there be a dressing room available ? 
 Answer: Dressing rooms are available but all players must come dressed as much as possible to the rink. Hockey bags must be kept in cars. There will be an area to put skates on, minimum in and out of dressing rooms will be allowed. 

4.If you have two kids,  and one is minor and the other is major bantam, will they now play on the same team due to covid?

Answer: It will depend on each associations allocation on ice availability. 

5. As there are no tryouts, what team will players be on?

Answer: At the current time we are unable to provide Tryout's for MD's the players will play with their roster from last year. 

6.My child plays for  MD ,
Will there be 3-3 games then?

Answer: Currently their will be a scrimmage for 3-3 for certain divisions Bantam and up.  As long as we are following protocols for Middlesex health unit,OHF and Alliance, and each association has the players and numbers to do so safely. 

7.Will there be more teams as there will be less kids on a team? 
Answer: At this time there will not be any tryouts. The associations will tier the players. Each team will consist of two groups of 9+1 for a total of 20 players. The practices will no longer be shared with another team

8.When will teams go back to their usual numbers ?
 Answer: When Co-vid pandemic allows us to safely.  The middelesex health unit will tell us, as well OHF, Alliance Hockey. 
9. My son signed up for house league hockey to play with his friends but we have heard that his friends have to play with the same kids as last year, is this true? If it’s true, and he can’t play with them because our son did not play hockey last year, can we get our $100 down payment back please!
Answer:  We have been asked to play in the same area as last year Mustangs play with Mustang kids, MD kids play MD and House league play house league. You can get your money back by emailing your association each association has their own Refund policies in place. 

We received an emails regarding Phase 1 Development from the Bandits. My children played for Mustangs last year. How does this development affect them? Will there be a mustangs division?
The Mustangs will also enter into a development phase. This phase for the Mustangs will include practices and scrimmages within the Mustang program. 
11.  For the MD level of hockey...just clarifying, if you played MD level hockey this past season and are registering this season are you guaranteed to be on the MD team/cohort this season? What is the #'s for cohort for MD?

if your child played in the MD level last year, this is where you should register for this year unless you don't feel its' best for your child. .  Things are changing constantly, day by day, right now we have no Tryouts scheduled for MD at the current time.    The cohort for MD is 18 skaters and 2 goalies. 

12. I registered my kids, I paid extra $150 this year for Bantam hl player...since we will not be on teams playing games and only doing hockey skills training, do we still pay full registration? It seems very high priced plus the increase in fee. 

 Please check with your association as Association are either doing refunds or providing credits from full fee's paid toward phase 1 and phase 2.  

13. Is the Midget U18  House league group allowed to play 3/3 scrimmages or just practice development. 

Each association is permitted to play 3on3 or 4on4 games within their associations. Bantam, M Midget and Midget depending on the association will play games from the start, but this might vary depending on association. 

14. What is going to happen with the kids at the MD level?
AnswerMD teams will consist of 18 skaters and 2 goalies. They will enter into a development phase during that phase the teams are permitted to play inter squad games. This will be managed by the associations.  

15. During the first 10 weeks will there be games?

 Answer: Inter squad scrimmages will be permitted but are limited to either 3on3 or 4on4. There will be no games between associations, but associations can manage games internally.

16. How does a refund work for Mustangs I registered through the bandits I paid the registration fee when it first opened up which I believe was $600 I paid my $75 tryout fee for MD and 75 for Mustangs how does the refund work for them now it's $350 for registration

Answer:  your refund for tryouts should have occurred by now.   Mustangs costs 400.00, the difference will be refunded to the payment method- credit card may take up to 2 week to return.   Please contact the bandits registrars. 

17. My son has played Mustangs in the past but played Oakridge for the past two years is he eligible to register for mustangs. What is the P1 and P2 mean and do you need coaches for them. What happens after the 10 weeks
Can I register him for mustangs and Aeros

 If your child played for Oakridge last season he will need to register with Oakridge. Without tryouts there will be very little movement to Mustangs teams for the development phase. When/If we are able hold tryouts parents will be notified and registration for tryouts will open up.
18. I coached minor Atom for Oakridge last year, and plan on doing the same this year. just wanted to clarify the following from the Oakridge 'Phase 1' guidelines posted Wednesday:"Oakridge teams at all levels and ages will consist of up to 18 players (16 skaters + 2 goalies). Up to five (5) Team Officials can be rostered to each team. Teams will be grouped based on last season and be modified as required prior to starting Phase 1."
Does this mean our entire roster from last year (Minor Atom) will remain intact this year? We were house league, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference.


The associations will be Tiering players within their associations. There maybe some deviation from last years rosters. Like skill players should be paired with like skilled players as best as possible and each association is aware of that. I am confident they will do that while trying to balance registration numbers out. 

19. Will MD at least have a few more development sessions, or 3 on 3 hockey than the house league. Where at least we can play London teams?


Our main goal right now is getting kids back on the ice and creating an environment for physical activity. come ontario rep hockey are able to return to 5 on 5 now, but hockey canada sanctioned teams cant? Big fear among many that players will play for non sanctioned this year and gain a developmental advantage during tryouts next season under sanctioned teams when they switch back.

Answer: We have to abide by our local health unit, Alliance/OHF and the City of London. Non sanctioned leagues will still have to follow the rules of the arena and the local health units. Our goal is to get the kids back on the ice and create an environment for physical activity. We have great coaches in the associations and development is what creates a "competitive" advantage.

21. Why do we need the second registration? I have already registered my kid for the season two months ago.
Can I just get a notification for the extra fees for the second phase and the updated details?
is this registration different from the previous one? The one says Oct 10th deadline?


There are a couple of reasons for the second phase of registration. The first being we don't know what the second phase will look like. We are unsure if we will even get through the first phase. It would be irresponsible for me to take your money and not know what I am offering for that money. The second reason is that there are families that do not feel comfortable putting their children in sports right now.  This allows them to rejoin the group.

Any difference between what you have paid and what the first phase registration cost is should be refunded to you.

22. Will the 2011 kids have a team this year at any point? 

Answer: The associations will be placing players on teams in phase 1. Depending on how things progress we are going to be discussing a reset like Nov or Dec

23. Can you please advise if there will continue to be body checking during the skill development and team scrimmages or not due to efforts to limit any potential exposure to Covid- 19?


Body checking is NOT permitted in the development phase. I do not see body checking being permitted at all this year. 
24.Can I sign my son up for Jr. Mustang Tryouts? If so, how? I saw a 10 week $400 program...whats that?

if your son played Mustangs last year he will be then you will be able to sign up for Mustangs this year. If he played MD last year you will only be able to sign up for MD. Please check with your home associations registrar to get him registered. 

25. What will happen if a Mustang teams's full roster does not return for any reason. I have heard the team will draw from previous years MD Ap's. If this is true what will the MD team then do as a result, and so on down the line.  What if a Mustang player has chosen to play MD this year, or a MD player has chosen to play house league ? I believe there should be tryouts right at the beginning on a smaller scale only 2-3 skates then make a team. For the most part,the coaches already know the players. 
Unfortunately after submitting a proposal to Alliance and OHF they have turned down our request to hold tryouts. We will be looking at last years Ap's to fill those spots. Please keep in mind this is only for the development phase. 

26. A.  Who's responsible for each player while the parents are not in the arena and outside waiting?
B. What happens if a younger player needs to go to the washroom or requires additional assistance from their parents while on the ice?
C. Who's is responsible for a player, if a parent doesn't come into the arena at the end of practice?
. How do we ensure that coaches are treating are "more sensitive" players appropriately (ie. his said/she said)?
E. Are there additional policies/mandates that coaches must follow as they are now entrusted by parents to be alone with their child(ren) for 50 minutes? What kinds of additional risks do coaches have? Do they have insurance to cover these risks?
Answer: The City has advised us that after October 19th, one spectator will be allowed in the arena.

27.  If a team needs an AP/AP's when will those players/families be told where their child will be doing the development phase?

Answer: We are currently working on the Cohorts now and will be releasing that information shortly

Thank you